Aansa's Anti Ageing Hair Oil

Aansa's Anti Ageing Hair Oil

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Black Seed / Kalonji, a cure for everything but death. Its effectiveness when it comes to preventing and reversing graying is another common benefit that black seed oil is known for. It prevents the depletion of the pigment cells in your follicles.

Hair graying or premature graying of hair is something which is welcomed by nobody. Various preventive measures are taken in regards to prevent this. Hair is considered as the most important ornament in beauty which nature gives you, so why not ask nature how to take care of it? Aansa’s Anti Ageing Hair Oil is a super pack which not only prevents premature hair greying as well as it reverse the greying process of hair, makes hair stronger and beautiful.



Start applying Aansa’s Anti Ageing Hair Oil from the roots of your hair with your fingertips and massage gently until the oil absorbs in your scalp. Leave it for two hours at least and then you can wash your hair. It can be left overnight too.  Apply this oil thrice a week on alternate days for better results.



Black Seeds, Sesame Oil, Banana, Ridged Gourd, Walnut Shell, Clove, Turnip, Alkanet Root, Curry Leaves, Tea Tree Oil


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