Aansa’s Derma Peel Mask

Aansa’s Derma Peel Mask

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Peeling skin process or chemical peel is never pleasant to deal with, but there are no doubts that this procedure is becoming very common now. Despite of the fact that we all know how much damage it can cause but people still opt for such dangerous procedures.

Why not run to your fruit basket and grab some natural products which are surely capable of giving the same results to you. Aansa’s  Derma Peel Mask has some of the best natural products including apple, banana and orange. Apple has antioxidants which help the skin in exfoliation and cleans pores.  It contains a lot of nutrients.  It treats acne prone skin too.  Oranges are good for blemishes and helps get a fair and glowy complexion. It will also help in getting radiant skin. Banana gives you extra softness and beautiful skin as it contains vitamin A and C which promotes clear skin. It has the best anti ageing components and can deal excellently with our skin.


You can use Aansa’s Derma Peel Mask twice or thrice in a week. Mix the ingredients with rose water or milk apply it on your skin for 20 mins. Wash off with cold water.   





Apple, Banana, Orange




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