Aansa’s Potato Glitz Mask

Aansa’s Potato Glitz Mask

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If you are heading towards adding up some fairness products to your dressing table, hold on for a while because we are about to introduce a product that has the finest whitening properties. Potato it is! Yes we know you love potato in all forms in your meals but it is time that you should be adding this ingredient to your beauty regime too.

Potato helps to brighten and lighten your skin and is especially great for people with dry and irritated skin. Potato contains an enzyme called catecholase, which has natural bleaching properties. Aansa’s Potato Glitz Mask gives you shinier skin with glowing white complexion. Since potatoes are rich in vitamin C help brighten and tone your skin and ward off those ugly looking wrinkles.


You can use Aansa’s Potato Glitz Mask twice or thrice in a week. Mix the ingredients with 1 tbsp curd and ½ tsp serum (which is along with this mask) and apply it on your skin for 20 mins. Once it dries wash off your face with cold water.




Potato, Gram Flour, Lemon




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