Aansa’s Skin Neutralizer Mask

Aansa’s Skin Neutralizer Mask

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A number of ingredients can help with skin concerns, but sometimes it can be confusing to find the ones you absolutely need for your skin type. Skin bleaching is a therapy that is widely common and multiple cases have been brought to notice of how it has damaging results on skin. Not all skin types have the tendency to bear the chemical formulas of skin bleaching products.


Aansa’s Skin Neutralizer mask is prepared with the best natural products that are known as skin whitening agents. It has the subtle effects and is easily accepted by all skin types. So, bleaching your skin naturally is no more a mystery. By using this mask on a regular basis, you will get permanent results of a fairer complexion.



You can use Aansa’s Skin Neutralizer mask twice or thrice in a week. Mix the ingredients with rose water or milk or any vegetable juice as you like and leave it for 20 mins. Wash off with cold water.  





Gram Flour, Liquorice, Rose




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